Frequently Asked

Odor-B-Gone is a unique product which uses the natural odor eliminating properties of the Yucca plant to neutralize odors on contact.

Yes. Since odor-B-Gone is made from a special extract of the Yucca plant, it is completely safe to use around pets, humans, and food.

Yes. Odor-B-Gone will remove cat urine odors, dog urine odors, and many other household odors as well – such as odors from feces, vomit, human urine, smoke, cooking, and even smelly sneakers – plus more.

Nothing. Odor-B-Gone is unique in that is odorless. It neutralizes odors rather than cover them up with another scent. This is especially beneficial to those who are sensitive or allergic to heavy perfumed scents.

When the odor comes back, it usually means that the odor eliminator did not get to the source of the odor. In carpet, the source of the odor is often deep into the carpet into the backing, and sometimes even through the backing into the padding beneath, particularly if a pet has been returning to the same spot for a period of time.

To permanently remove the odor, you will need to soak the area with Odor-B-Gone so that it gets to the source of the odor. We have many customers who have told us that they actually pierced the backing of the carpet so that the solution could get through to the padding.

If you follow the procedures above, you should have odor free carpets, and the odor should not return. Problem areas may take several applications.

First, unzip the covers and remove the foam cushions. Soak the foam cushions thoroughly in Odor-B-Gone. Then squeeze out the solution just as you would squeeze water from a sponge. Do this several times.

While you have the covers off, spray them liberally with Odor-B-Gone both inside and out. Do this several times.

Let the cushions and covers dry, and they should be fresh and odor free.

Yes. Just lightly spray the leather with Odor-B-Gone and wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth. Repeat this process several times, being careful not to get the leather too wet. After several applications, the odor will be gone.

Yes. Just spray Odor-B-Gone on the floor, let it sit for a few minutes, and then mop it up. It is especially effective on urine odors in concrete floors.

For floors that are also dirty, we recommend using Odor-B-Gone Odor Eliminating Floor Cleaner. It cleans and removes odors at the same time.

We began making a selling Odor-B-Gone in 1986. There are literally thousands of pet owners throughout the country using Odor-B-Gone regularly to solve their odor problems.

Yes. Our "Hassle-B-Gone" guarantee is simple. If you are not satisfied with the results, just contact us and we will refund your money, including any shipping charges. It's that simple. And you do not have to return any unused product.  No Hassle, No Risk. Try it Now.

You may call or text me –Dave Gannon – directly on my cell phone at 1-740-357-5253.

Since 1986 thousands of cat and dog owners have used Odor-B-Gone to get rid of annoying urine and feces odors in their homes. Most people think of it as a pet odor eliminator.

However, Odor-B-Gone works great on many other common odor problems throughout the home.