What Our Customers are Saying

"I bought the product as my dogs were sprayed by a skunk. After putting dogs in truck you can imagine the odor and on our clothes the dogs we're 150lb rottys!!
Not easy to get into truck. But sure enough odor be gone took skunk smell away!!"

- Melody

"I ordered the Spot remover because I lent my sister my 32 oz. Spot remover and she used it up in a week. She was in a vacation house with 5 little dogs and she used the whole bottle which worked like a charm which is why I ordered more for her and me. Thanks again!!!!!"

- Take Care, Gino

"Your product is a Miracle! Used it as soon as I received it and was EXTREMELY HAPPY with the results. Our entire family thanks you."

– J. W. Rogers City, IL

The customer service representatives at Gannon's are absolutely the NICEST I've ever dealt with! We plan to be Gannon's customers for years and years…" 

– B. W.

"I never thought my house would smell normal again. My dear friends, you have liberated me from total desperation. Thank you, thank you! I will spread the word!"

– K.P, Green Bay, WI

"Don't know what I'd do without your products. I have 3 indoor cats and your Odor-B-Gone sure makes it nicer in their bathroom area! Keep up the good work." 

– N.B, Minneapolis

"This is to inform you, and anyone else that may see this letter, that your product Odor-B-Gone is the best product we have ever purchased." 

– E. R. DeMottre, IN